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Q. What are the programs that GLYSA offers?
A. Lowell offers youth programs of:  

  • Learn to Play
  • GL Development (formerly In-house) Hockey (12 & Under) 
  • Travel programs for Mites (8 & Under), Squirts (9&10), Pee Wees (11&12) , Bantams (13&14), and Midgets (15&16)

NOTE: Age is determined by birth year at the start of the season.  USA Hockey playing season is September 1 thru August 31.

Q. What Leagues does GLYSA participate in?
A. Travel teams play in the Valley Hockey League.  

Q. Do players get uniforms?
A. Travel team players receive a jersey thru the league.  

Q: What is the Jersey Numbers Selection Policy:

When registering for the season you will be asked to list your top 3 number preferences for jerseys.  

1.  Jersey numbers available are from 1 - 99 (except #12 which is a retired Jersey Number in GLYSA in memory of Nick DeFelice)

2.  Returning players get first jersey number choice. 

A.  2nd year players will get first choice of jersey # on a specific team.  For example, a 2nd year Peewee 2 Player will get first choice of a number over a 1st year Peewee 2 player.

B.  Returning 2nd year players get first choice of jersey # on a specific team over a new player to that team, regardless if they are a 2nd year player.  For example, a returning 2nd year player who played the previous season on the Squirt 1 team will get first choice over any player moving from the Squirt 2 team to the Squirt 1 team.  

Q. When do practice schedules get posted?
A. GLYSA posts the practice schedule as far in advance as possible.  As game schedules are distributed by the leagues, some practices are then required to be moved to accommodate the games.

Q. When do game schedules get posted?
A. Game schedules get posted as soon as they are delivered to us from the leagues.  Each league manages the game schedule on their own.

Q. What Ice Rink does GLYSA use for practice?
A. The Janas Skating Rink in Lowell MA.

Q. What ice rinks does GLYSA play games at?
A. The Valley Hockey Leagues determine which rinks are used for games.  GLYSA provides a list of preferrred rinks to the VHL.

Q. Why do we have fundraising events?
A. Fundraising pays for portions of the program.  The more dollars that are raised through fundraising, the lower the player dues can be.  The majority of our fundraising is thru the GLYSA Hockey Tournament.

Q. How can I volunteer to help?
A. There are always opportunities for people to participate.  The more you put into, the more fun it can be and many hands help divide the labor.  Please contact our President for ways in which you can help!

Q. How do I find out if a game is cancelled due to weather?
A. If we are notified, all rink closures and game cancellations will be posted on the website.  The SI Play mobile application is a good way to keep connected with any updates.

Q. Where do I go if I have any questions or concerns?
Team specific questions should go to the head coach of the team.  Other questions or concerns can be e-mailed through the website, by contacting any board member, or attending one of the board meetings.  Minutes from previous meetings are also posted on the website.

Q. When is my child ready to move to Developlment/In-House?
A:  When the parent(s) wants them to move to Development/In-House *(Parents can always ask their child's coach too).

Q. What is the mailing address if I need to send in a payment or form? 
A:  Checks should be made to GLYSA.  The address is:

P.O. Box 1536
Lowell, MA 01852