Coaches Corner

Cancelling a Game

Cancelling a game that's already been scheduled by VHL should be avoided as much as possible. It costs the league money as we are charged for the ice whether we use it or not and are responsible for scheduling a makeup game. If you need to cancel a game, reach out to the Hawks VHL Rep or you are able to do it from the VHL coaches login.


If your team decides to enter a tournament, it is the team's responsibility to pay for and organize the tournament. This is usually done by the coach or team manager. If your team books a tournament, be sure to do it early in the season as they fill up quickly. An important step is to reach out to our VHL Rep and have them block off that weekend with VHL so they don't schedule any games we would need to cancel.

Coaching Your Team

If you think there are a lot of “requirements” to be a youth coach, you are correct. All of them, whether they are registration-related or education-related, have been enacted because they are good for our young players. Some have a cost – hopefully your hockey program will reimburse you for them

Registration – You need to register with USA Hockey as a Coach. This provides you with ongoing information about coaching during the season and with some insurance coverages that can benefit you. Be sure to align these with your own insurance, of course. This must be done before you participate with your team. Click &/or copy & paste this link:


Background & CORI Checks – This is a different process from last season. We removed the CORI paper application process, everything is online. This must be done before you participate with your team. Click &/or copy & paste this link: There is no added cost for this. It is included in your USA Hockey Registration fee. (Please note you will need to upload a copy of your driver’s license so you may want to do that in advance.)

SafeSport – Changes in this program were sent to all registered coaches in June, 2019. If you completed it last season, you should be OK, otherwise you’ll need to re-do it. Check out more information on the USA Hockey web site at There is no cost for this.

Coaching Education – Online Age-Specific Modules – These have been revised to work on USA Hockey’s new learning platform. Coaches need to complete these before participating with their team, so that the age-specific training elements can be incorporated into your practice planning and parent communications. Click &/or copy & paste this link:

Coaching Education – Clinics – If your Coaching Education Clinic credential expires this fall, you need to move to the next level (or possibly renew if at Level 3). For specifics on Coaching Clinic requirements, visit: Clinic Schedules can be found at this page as well. Clinics will be offered from mid-August through late-December, 2019. The deadline for attending a clinic is December 31.

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